Brenda Helt, Fine Artist


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Acrylic and acrylic mediums on gallery-wrapped canvas with a built-in mounting bracket.

Copyright 2015. Brenda Helt, Fine Artist. All rights reserved.

"Urban Blues"

48” x 22” x 1.5”

Meant to evoke the blue notes, blue sounds, blues music of the city breaking through the concrete of buildings and pavement and giving the city its soul--its blue soul. 

This acrylic painting is highly textured--as much a tactile pleasure as a visual. Many of the bright colors actually physically protrude through the grey, which, though acrylic, was applied with a cement trowel and does indeed look like cracked cement. The grey areas are chunky and raised in places, flat in others. Bright slivers of color can be glimpsed through many of the cracks.