Brenda Helt, Fine Artist

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 Side view


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Acrylic and acrylic mediums on gallery-wrapped canvas with a built-in mounting bracket.  The title and my signature are painted on the inch and a half wide bottom edge of the canvas frame, where they can be viewed from below, but don't interfere with the picture itself.


54” x 54” x 1.5”


     This large abstract painting was inspired by topographic maps.  Others have seen dinosaur skeletal remains as they look when being unearthed by paleontologists.  Still others see the bark of trees or the desert viewed from an airplane.  It is a painting that holds a viewer's interest and inspires the imagination--a work of vestiges, traces, remains. 

     Technically, the painting is highly textured.  The bright colors protrude through the matte grey, which was applied with a masonry trowel and does indeed appear to be (but is not) cement.  A rotary tool was used in many places to carve down into the brightly colored under-layer.  Bright glimpses of that under-layer are also visible through the cracks of the matte grey. It's a tactile painting, and viewers find themselves hard-pressed not to touch it.  But that's okay; it can safely be touched. 

     Topographic's large size makes it suitable for an urban loft or any setting with high ceilings and plenty of wall space.