Brenda Helt, Fine Artist


Copyright 2013. Brenda Helt, Fine Artist. All rights reserved.

Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas with an acrylic gloss varnish and built-in mounting bracket.  The title is painted on the inch and a half wide bottom edge of the canvas frame, where it can be viewed from below, but doesn't interfere with the picture itself.

This painting is sold. A similar painting is easy to commission, however. Please contact the artist for details and to specify preferences. All major credit cards are accepted.

"The Soul's Solitude"

10” x 36” x 1.5”

The metallic silver caps on the waves in the lighter part of the sea sometimes reflect the light and at other times disappear entirely, causing this seascape to appear calm in some lighting, more turbulent in others. The surf breaking on the beach is somewhat raised, chunky, textured. There are subtle touches of bright blue and bright green in the clouds, as well as the more obvious green-gold.