Brenda Helt, Fine Artist

"No More Submarines"

36” x 84” x 1.5”


The title might refer to what might be the dried and cracked bottom of a future sea, which would thereby make submarines obsolete.  It is certainly also inspired by the nonsense titles of the (Romanian) French avant-garde playwright Eugene Ionesco.  The title may or may not have anything to do with the painting, in other words.  The cubes, which perhaps are being hurled from the sky or might be simply interposed in front of planes representing “sky” are certainly in homage to Magritte, however:  “Ceci n'est pas une pipe."  This is not a pipe.  This is not a sky.  Or maybe it is.  Or maybe it’s four skies.  Or just pictures of skies . . .

Ionesco wrote, “A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind.”  Let your mind venture forth.

Technically, the painting is intriguing in part because the bottom quarter of the painting consists of a literally cracked surface, which compels the touch and extracts questions:  "How was that done?!"  The far left upper corner also harbors a crafty little cube with a skewed and cracked surface--perhaps my own favorite touch in the painting.  The periwinkle blue cube is a slightly 3-D object, and stands off the surface of the painting a quarter of an inch, enough to cast a shadow in certain lighting.

Copyright 2015. Brenda Helt, Fine Artist. All rights reserved.

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Acrylic and acrylic mediums on gallery-wrapped canvas.