Brenda Helt, Fine Artist

"Birch Lake"          Sold
Woolf's To the Lighthouse St. Ives Bay
"Symphony at Sea"          Sold
Rothko-esque multiform invoking Caribbean seascape acrylic original painting
           "Sister Soul"             Sold
Yellow, orange and blue seascape, sunset

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"Water Music"          Sold
"Whale Song"          Sold
"Just Another Sunset in Paradise"


"Agua in Aqua"          Sold
"Music Unwritten"            Sold
  "Dawn, Day after Tomorrow"       Sold
           "The Soul's Solitude"             Sold
            Blue and Grey #1"         
"A Blown-out Day"      Sold
"The Meaning of Nothing"             Sold
"San Clemente Twilight"        Sold
"Red Skies at Night"      Sold
           "Sunset in Oz"         Sold

Abstract Impressionist Seascapes