Brenda Helt, Fine Artist

Manhattan Night, 12" x 24"

(BofA & Times Sq from Empire State Bldg.) 

An Uneasy Calm, 16" x 20"? 

Natural Organic look feel acrylic wash raw canvas original paintings
Palm Springs San Jacinto Mountains
"Birch Lake"      Sold
"Paris, London, New York"


"A Blown-out Day"       Sold
"Music Unwritten"        Sold
"Mountains of the Moon"                 Sold
"Scapes 3"     Sold
"Scapes 2"           Sold
"Urban Riot"    Sold

Abstract Expressionist & Abstract Figurative Paintings

Birthday Surprise,  30" x 40"?

Rothko-esque multiform invoking Caribbean seascape acrylic original painting
"Softly Barracuda"        Sold

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A Little Off Today  16" x 20"?

Gerhard Takes Manhattan,  24" x 12"

Abstract painting birch wood birch trees

Italian Reverie, Digital